Christopher McGerr - Game Designer

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Welcome to my portfolio.

My name is Christopher McGerr and I'm a game designer with experience in mobile, independent PC-development, and AAA console development. Since 2015 I have worked at TT Games Studios as a Designer, focusing on world design, accessibility, systems design, and dialogue writing.

Beyond my specialisation as a world designer, puzzle designer, and writer; I have also worked in roles involving level design, combat design, and system design. The majority of my work in recent years has been in the action-adventure/platforming genre, although in the past I have worked on turn-based RPGs, puzzle games, and e-commerce-based serious games.

I am currently available for guest speaking roles, panels, and informal mentoring at industry events and schools/colleges/universities(*). Please use the Contact page on this site if you would like to get in touch. Please note that I am not able to discuss unreleased projects.

Some of my recent work includes:

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