Christopher McGerr - Game Designer

Experience Counts

Duration: May 2013-September 2013
Role: Game Development Consultant
Team Size: 3 Full-Time, 1 Part-Time

Experience Counts was commisioned as a serious game with the intention of coaching its players through common job interview questions. The game was created by a team of four, with a full-time programmer, full-time aritst/designer, a part-time designer, and myself as a development consultant working partially on both programming and design.

Two forms of gameplay were created for the original version of this game. The game was to ask the more traditional interview questions of the player with the player selecting and highlighting all of the correct and incorrect answers made up the majority of the game, with a large pool of questions being available and chosen at random during the course of the session - which the player then recieves feedback about at the end of gameplay.

Additionally the question-and-answer component of the game was accompanied by a small top-down shooting mini game designed to break up the similarity of the repeating questions. The second component was removed late within development of the game, and was not packaged with the final version.

The project was created using Unity3D with the final objective being a browser based game to be displayed on Glasgow Caledonian University's Careers Advice website.


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